Ass is OK, but booty gets kicked

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

logo of the New American BibleI was listening to the local protestant radio station (hey, they play the best music in town, what can I say? Catholics need to start forming hard rocking Catholic bands to compete) morning show, “The Old Man and the Steve”, and they started saying that the Catholic Church was changing the word of God. They did some anti-Catholic ‘comedy’ bit for a few minutes, finally stating that it’s wrong to ‘change the word of God.’ I was quite upset, mainly because I have read about twenty different Protestant translations of the Bible, all at the same Protestant church, which uses whichever translation suits their purposes at the time, and to hear one of them say that the Catholic Church is changing the Bible by replacing the word ‘booty’ with ‘spoils’, kind of gets my hypocrisy nerve burning.

But the fact is that this was the first time I’d heard anything about it, so I looked it up and, sure enough, a few minor changes will be made to more accurately reflect the language of modern English speaking people. That’s fine for me. Like most Catholics, I realize that the Bible is secondary to Church Tradition, which is much more full and complete than a small collection of inspired writings compiled some four hundred years after Christ founded his Church and imbued it with power and authority (Matt. 16, 17-19). I don’t worship the Bible like Protestants seem to do- I worship Jesus Christ. But I digress. One of the changes I’m not happy with, is that the verse in Isaiah (7,14) which refers to Christ’s Virgin Birth, has the word ‘virgin’ changed to ‘young woman’. This is obviously a deliberate change to kiss the ‘spoils’ of American Protestants, in a well intentioned but misplaced effort to implement the church’s new ecumenism, albeit, like most of Vatican II’s ideas, drastically perverted and given entirely too much weight by ultra-liberal Catholics, who are already more Protestant than not. The word means ‘virgin’, plain and simple. In ancient Jewish thought, an unmarried young woman was a virgin, there’s just no way around that. They could have left the translation and inserted a footnote to the effect that opinions differ, rather than change the text and insert a footnote saying that opinions differ.

Anyways it doesn’t really matter much to me- I’ve never cared much for the NAB, even when I was a Protestant I thought it wasn’t Catholic enough, and many Catholics I know share that opinion, preferring more traditional translations like the Douay-Rheims, NRSV, or Jerusalem Bible. All in all the changes are slight and have no effect on the meaning of the text- except that one Protestant-friendly change that almost completely negates two thousand years of Catholic teaching, that is…


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