Secular Franciscan Companion

April 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been trying to become a Secular Franciscan for a while now, but there is no community in my area, and none of those nearby have responded to my inquiries. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still live as a Secular Franciscan. The Secular Franciscan Companion is used by all Secular Franciscans as a companion on their spiritual journey, but one needn’t be religious or a third order member, or even Catholic, to benefit from the wisdom of one of history’s most popular and well known saints.

The Secular Franciscan Companion is filled with prayers, devotions, litanies, offices, and a wealth of Franciscan Spirituality. Prayers by and to St. Francis and St. Clare, the Office of the 12 Our Fathers, Crown Rosary, a calendar of Franciscan Saints; all kinds of wonderful Franciscan prayer on all 280 plus pages of this book. All of this in a pocket-sized, lightweight format that still has a good-sized, readable font. I definitely recommend this book to any Catholic who wishes to strengthen their spiritual walk the Franciscan way. Even Protestants can find a wealth of spiritual edification in this book by a Saint many of our separated brethren know and respect. The best part is, this little big book comes at an amazing price. Try Aquinas and More for your purchase, and support Franciscan spirituality.


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