NCR “presumes” the news…

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The National Catholic Reporter published an article decrying the dismissal of an Australian bishop, for what the reporter clearly states is his ‘presumed’ reason that the Bishop, William M. Morris, advocated ordination of women and Protestants. The NCR ‘presumes’ this because the Bishop had, five years earlier (in 2006) released an open letter to the diocese of Toowoomba in which he wondered whether a remedy for the problem of too few priests, might be the ordination of women or the acceptance of Anglican and Lutheran orders. After a recent apostolic visitation from Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, Bishop Morris was relieved of his pastoral duties, for confidential reasons.

I have never read anything from the NCR, I was just looking for a wide variety of Catholic news services. But the tone of the National Catholic Reporter, which, in the article, describes papal quotes as ‘hooey’, is extremely liberal and modernist, almost Protestant in flavor. The articles all have something negative to say about the Church or the Pope, and the comments are even worse. Many openly insult Pope Benedict XVI, and in the same sentence call themselves ‘Catholic!’ I would suggest, my friends, that this is not how Catholics speak of the Bishop of Rome.


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