Satan infiltrates the Salesians

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am so shocked and upset by the news that two Salesian priests in the Netherlands have been relieved of duty after openly expressing support for child molestation. The superior of the Salesians in the Netherlands, Father Herman Spronck, and a priest known only as “Father B.”, have both been suspended from their duties after it was discovered that Father B. was involved in a pro pedophilia organization, and Father Spronck, head of the Salesians in the Netherlands, said in a radio interview that, “We shouldn’t consider age so rigidly. You should never break into the personal space of a child if the child does not want that, but that has to do with the child himself. There are also children who themselves indicate that it is okay. Sexual contact is then also possible.”

These are not just priests who have gone astray, I think these are priests who are openly serving Satan. They have not simply wronged the Church but are actively involved in perpetuating the scandals against Holy Church. And Christ told us that it would be better for them to get fitted for a millstone. This, my friends, is fruit of the much misunderstood Vatican II documents, good, Catholic morality taken out of context and perverted to appeal to liberal modernists. May God have mercy on these “priests'” souls. They will not get it anywhere else.


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