Ah, Americans…

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

This Catholic News Agency report about American morality does not come as much of a surprise. According to a Gallup poll, a majority of Americans find divorce, premarital sex, stem cell research, and the death penalty morally acceptable. It’s not surprising to me for the reason that I have always seen American media at the forefront of the fight to demoralize and secularize our citizens, especially young people. It’s also not surprising that, while a majority still sees abortion as morally unacceptable (thank God and the Blessed Virgin), that same majority sees the death penalty as acceptable. This hypocrisy seems to also stem from the media, who glorify crime and punishment, and seem to advocate a culture of death in everything they do. This culture of death was seen recently in the celebrations shown across the country at the news of the murder of Osama bin Laden. Many have a right to feel relieved at the thought of a dangerous criminal facing justice, preferably with a trial, but to celebrate murder is something Americans used to be too good to do. We used to celebrate the end of wars, not the death of those responsible. But when our leaders tell us that the ‘war’ we are involved in will never end (anyone ever read Orwell’s classic, 1984?), I guess the death of one of our enemies is the only thing we have to celebrate.

One way for Americans to stop the culture of death and immorality from spreading is to turn off the television and educate themselves and their children. Catholics especially need to pay more attention to the Church’s teachings on these areas, and accept those teachings as the word of God.


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