Republicans will NEVER end abortion

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sounds strange to many of you, doesn’t it. “But, the Republican party is pro-life! They have fought abortion tooth and nail!” Really? Have they? They sure put on a good show. But let’s pay more attention than someone who watches television on a regular basis, shall we? Republicans had complete, absolute control of the white house for several years when Bush was president. It was so bad that Democrats were not even allowed to have meetings. The Republicans actually had so much power that the Democrats had to go to a basement room to have a meeting, instead of using the chamber. The majority party would not allow them to use the chamber. Republicans had a span of about three years when they could have passed any law they wanted, and they did. They passed so many laws it would make your head spin, if you were paying attention instead of watching American Idol or whatever the heck is on the idiot box these days. But they didn’t pass a single law that came anywhere close to stopping abortion. WHY?

I’ll tell you why. Republicans need abortion. There, I said it. With their anti-poor, anti-health, anti-middle-class, anti-peace, pro-big government, pro-war and death and corporate plutocracy stance, an anti-abortion platform is the only thing that ensures they will ever get enough votes to win a single election. They know that a false claim to Christianity (they are all Masonic, Skull&Bones, Bohemian Grove pagans just like the Democrats) and advocacy for “life” (while they support endless wars, assassinations, no welfare or healthcare, and the death penalty) is the only hope they have, and the only reason their lies still work is because their base is too ignorant or stupid to look at even a decade of history, let alone five, to see that they have been duped for so long.

I’m sorry if this truth hurts. But it is the truth. So what happens now? How about this. How about all the Catholics and protestants and pro-lifers and anyone else that has Christian morals and values just leave the whole mess behind. Quit the Republican party. Let’s start a new party. A Catholic party. A party that will take Christian stance in all things, helping the poor and helpless, protecting the unborn, limiting government, and practicing a wise, peaceful foreign policy that will not make us enemies on every side. We can do this. Or have Christians in America really abandoned Christ and become the psychotic idiots that are seen at teabag rallies and soldiers’ funerals across the country more and more these days?


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