Why I will never vote Republican

May 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

All I see anymore is “Voting Guides” for Catholics. They say a lot about informed consciences and the difference between protecting life and protecting life, but all I hear is “VOTE REPUBLICAN OR YOU ARE A BAD CATHOLIC!”

For instance, there are many US Catholic organizations who will repeat, like Zenit, that “There can never be justification for directly and deliberately taking innocent human life: abortion, destruction of human embryos, euthanasia, human cloning.”

Followed immediately with the qualification that “The death penalty and war are different from procured abortion and same-sex “marriage,” since these latter acts are intrinsically evil and therefore can never be justified. Although war and capital punishment can rarely be justified, they are not intrinsically evil.”

Do you see how they did that? They know that many people like myself will never vote Republican, even to oppose a Democrat, because the Republican candidates, for the most part, support economic, social, and military policies that kill millions of people every year, and many of us believe that the protection of life that is ALREADY BORN is often more of a priority than trying to fix what will always be broken. But they say that war and other forms of murder are not “intrinsically evil”, even if they cannot be justified, so they are somehow less important than abortion. But wait, what part of “There can never be justification for directly and deliberately taking innocent human life” are they failing to understand? It is a well known fact that innocent people die in every war started by Republicans. It is a well known fact that many innocent people right here in America starve to death every day thanks to economic policies favored by Republicans. They say there can be no justification for these innocent losses of life, but then proceed to try to justify it. Hypocrites.

Well, here is the reason I will never vote Republican, even as a “lesser of two evils”. I know many Republican politicians. My campus has both a large Christian presence and a large Republican presence.I know many College Republicans. One of them recently told me something I have suspected for years. The Republican Party will never deliberately end abortion! They need it too much! This Republican actually told me that it would be insane for the Republican Party to end abortion, seeing as it was their single biggest vote-getting “hot-button” issue. “Why,” he asked me as I stood incredulous upon hearing his pronouncement, “would the party attempt to make abortion illegal when it is only the issue of abortion that causes Christians to vote against their economic and social interests by voting Republican?” 

In other words, this guy knows as well as every other Republican politician, that if abortion became illegal today, then tomorrow 95% of Christians would suddenly become Democrats! Because without that single issue, all the other policies and ideals supported by the Republican party are anathema to good Catholics!  Good Catholics oppose Capitalism, Communism, merchant greed, Corporations, unjust wars for profit, greed, disrespect for human life- all things that Republicans hold dear. And Republicans know it. The only way they can trick you into supporting the work of Satan, is to keep abortion legal. So I just don’t vote- it’s the best way for me to assure that I am not cooperating in ANY evil by voting for the wrong person.


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