Traditional or Traditional-ist

January 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

free-catholic-clip-art-eucharist-5613As a Traditional Catholic, one who is loyal to the Pope and Magisterium- to the Church, whatever the errors of her individual members, one who can serve Christ and His Church at the same time as resisting and charitably reforming the evil elements and their patsies within the Church, I often peruse so called “Traditional Catholic” websites and fora, in an effort to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Church crisis. However, I have found that there are Traditional Catholics, and those who prefer to be called Traditionalist Catholic, because for these people, Traditional is just not trad enough. These are the “Catholics” who fondly “remember” (most are not even into their forties, I’m sure) Fascist Italy and think, “Ah, now there was a good, Traditional Catholic country!” I have heard these “Catholics” laud the virtues of the miserably misunderstood Joseph McCarthy, Hitler, and other vicious dictators, because those are the kind of people these “Catholics” most identify with.

I was reading a blog called the Orthometer- claiming to be a meter for Orthodoxy within the Catholic Church. This post glorifying gangster violence sure is Orthodox! Yep, nothing says Catholic like a picture of a heavily armed corporate/government agent assaulting an unarmed woman! Yes sir, that is Orth-O-DOX! But this is what one expects from petty little children, pathetic little tantrum-throwing babies who want the Church to be a paradise for strongarm cowards like themselves. These are the people that call the Church “Newchurch” and the Pope “Newpope” (see how creative!) or, usually, just “Ratzinger.” Who refer to Blessed John Paul II as “John Paul II the Unblessed (witty, so!).” I expect that kind of lowbrow, least-common-denominator, second-grade playground kind of stuff from a Jewish comedian, but come on, guys, even I can think of better Katholic Komedy than that!

I know that the Church is in a very sad and dangerous place. I know the synagogue of satan is trying day and night to remove every last bit of Catholicism from Rome. But I do what other faithful have done- you know, people that today we call Saints and Blessed, and hold up as models of virtue, people with names like Catherine of Siena, Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi- I pray, I trust God and especially the Word of Jesus Christ, who said that the gates of hell would never stand against His Church, and I remain a loyal Catholic, even if the Pope himself is in grievous error (and do not doubt, I believe him to be). And I do not childishly, in opposition to every Christian moral, call those who disagree with me, especially my fellow Catholics, schoolyard names. I am not a venemous, hate-filled tool of the devil like those at Orthometer blog, Traditio network, and several other “Traditionalist”, Sedevacantist, “Catholic” sites. I am a convert. I want the Traditional Catholicism of my grandparents just as much as any convert (most converts I know are unhappy that the Church they entered seems more Protestant than the one they left), but I have the good grace and the love of Christ to see Him in all my neighbors, to grieve for my Church and the deluded souls (and the most sinister threat of those who delude them) therein. And, rather than complain and collect pictures of liturgical abuses and point and say “SEE!”, I pray (I hear many of you vipers laud the Divine Office- how many actually pray it daily?) and I trust God Almighty. The Church WILL get back in line with Tradition, including a complete condemnation of the entire Second Vatican Council, or she will dwindle to nothingness while Traditional Catholics fill the void and bring her back on course. But no modernist or heathen will cause her to fall, that is Christ’s promise. What the “Traditionalists” will do to her remains to be seen. All they do to me is want me to become just the most modernist, Protestantized, liberal Catholic I can be just to spite them. And that scares me.


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