On black and white, and true Tradition

April 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Wow, it’s been about two years since I’ve posted here. A lot has happened since then; mostly bad, much good, and all serving to strengthen my faith. I’ve gotten married and have a child due in about a week. I let my wife Victoria pick the name, and she chose Saoirse Claire Elizabeth. Saoirse bean is almost fully cooked and due the 15th! I thank God she seems very healthy and normal so far.

Addressing my struggle to reconcile Tradition and right reform, I must say that I’ve grown tired of the tendency, at least in uneducated America, to think in black and white terms when identifying with some group, culture, politics, or whatever. For instance, I’m politically moderate. I support many “liberal” views, such as the need for taxation, regulation of business, the end of corporate ‘personhood’, and certain civil rights. But I’m also “conservative” when it comes to the need for religious liberty for Christians (and Christians alone), the illegality of abortion, the right of private business to deny services to whomever they wish for whatever reason, etc. The problem I see is that many people are just like me, but are afraid to be themselves. If they identify as Conservative, then that means (to them) they must be members of our vote for the Republican Party, support corporations and their theft and corruption, deny the need for welfare in certain situations, support a huge military that serves corporate interests, etc. Those identifying as ‘liberal’ think they must support abortion, vote Democrat, be atheists, support “multiculturalism”, etc, etc.

The reality is that most people (of at least average intelligence) do not have a black and white outlook on life, realizing correctly that there are many shades of grey. And no, I’m not talking about some book that plays on women’s rape fantasies, I’m talking about the fact that life isn’t simple, though human motives and behavior often is. In reality, many Christians realize that the Republican Party does not represent their interests, that Christ would approve of some sort of welfare system and disapprove of the death penalty, just as many liberals realize that the Democratic Party does not represent their interests, that abortion really is murder and a woman’s ‘choice’ to abort damns her soul to hell just as quickly as any other murder, multiculturalism kills cultures and punishes whites for being white, and homosexuals do not have the right to force Christan businesses to serve them just as nobody has the right to force a kosher deli to serve them a bacon sandwich on non-kosher bread.

Traditional Catholics are, for the most part, intelligent people who see the reason our Church is in such a state of eclipse. We realize that the enemy entered in long ago, in the form of Freemasons, homosexuals, and communists, and set up their own church at the Second Vatican Council. But we also realize that the Church is living, and that some occasional “reform” is necessary. We don’t approve of the new Mass and watered down, humanist theology, but we do agree that the death penalty is wrong and outdated, capitalism is evil, and the Pope is to be respected and obeyed no matter his true intentions, as long as he doesn’t blatantly teach error ex cathedra. So it really riles me that the Traditional Catholics who are most vocal are the black and white kind. The hypocrites who criticise the worldliness of the Church while viciously insulting and denigrating all those the disagree with, including those ordained into Holy Church. So now that I have a little free time, and remember the existence of this blog, I’ll try to continue chronicling my journey in the Faith, and explain why I consider myself a Traditional Catholic.


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