Feminized Vatican grasps at “patriarchy” straws

April 29, 2015 § Leave a comment


In their article on the Holy Father’s talk on marriage and the family, Vatican Radio today chose as their headline a single passing comment by Pope Francis on the (discredited) “compensation disparity” between men and women who do equal work.

The fact that the Holy Father’s speech related to correct Catholic understanding on marriage and the roles of the sexes within marriage and the family, and Vatican Radio’s article focuses on the actual substance of the speech, shows that they did, indeed, understand the substance. However, their choice of using a headline which focuses on a single statement within the speech, seems to indicate that the Vatican Radio seeks to advance the fraudulent claims of feminism that women are unfairly “oppressed” by the “patriarchy.”

Is Catholic media trying to advance the cause of feminism to further the feminisation and division of society and destroy healthy masculinity? Is their an element within the hierarchy of the Church that seeks to continue the loss of vocations by healthy, confident males and place effeminate men and even homosexuals within the priesthood instead? And to what end?

Traditional Catholics know the answers to these questions, and urge all the Faithful to do their research and, above all, pray for the Holy Father and Holy Church, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and the gift of discerning spirits, and god themselves with the whole armor of God, to enter the battle with a fresh resolve to fight error and heresy from within and without.


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