Glaring error on the Smithsonian Channel

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An Icon of Saint Nicholas of MyraI recently added the Smithsonian Channel app on my Nook Color (bought it two months before the Nook Tablet came out, just my luck…). You can watch full shows and explore other content with the app, and the first show I watched was one which was in the rotation of recommended shows on the front page, “In Search of Santa Claus.” The show seeks to educate the masses about that which every Catholic knows from the age of reason- that “Jolly old Saint Nick” was a real guy, who came about long before the fat man in the red suit created by marketers. Seems like a great show to watch, especially during this Christmas season.

So I’m not three minutes into the show, during the part where the announcer is basically giving a precap of the show, when he states something along the lines of how the saint’s bones were dug up and ‘worshiped by millions, even royalty.” Um, wait, excuse me? Did an organization purporting to be a museum, a repository of knowledge, just say that Catholics worship Saints’ relics? Yep. I stopped watching the show, and fired off a quick email to the producers. Once again, Christians are under attack at Christmas. It just really reinforced the belief that there is still a clear anti-Christian, anti-Catholic agenda in American media. I urge all Catholics to contact the Smithsonian Channel (produced by Showtime Networks) and educate them on Catholic doctrine, reminding them that there are a lot of us and we refuse to watch television networks that blatantly misrepresent our beliefs.


A snubbed Amnesty International reaches for reasons to condemn Church

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Amnesty International, the organization that releases a yearly report on human rights violations all over the world, has added the Vatican, for the first time ever, to its list of human rights abusers for 2011, claiming the Vatican to be culpable in the cover-up of child abuse by a few priests with no true vocation. In a Catholic News Agency article, the Catholic League exposes this charge for what it is: political axe-grinding from an organization that has lost Church support. The human rights agency Amnesty International reports on current rights violations every year, but according to Catholic League president Bill Donohue, there was not a single case of abuse reported in 2010. Thanks to the efforts of the Vatican and Catholics the world over, abuse allegations have significantly decreased since the 1970’s, which saw the most allegations.

So why did Amnesty International make such a dishonest claim in its annual report? Donohue sees it as a kind of payback from an organization snubbed by the Church. The organization, which was founded by a Catholic convert, used to enjoy the support of the Church until it began calling abortion a ‘universal human right’ and supporting gay marriage. Now Amnesty International seems to be lashing out in retribution with these absurd charges. It is interesting that the organization does not include protestant churches in its report which, if lumped together, have consistently seen and still see many, many more abuse allegations than the Catholic Church; a fact that is largely ignored by the media, who see no benefit in attacking organizations with so little power or influence. The fact is that the Vatican is seen as having ultimate, iron-fisted authority over every Catholic diocese, when in reality the Bishop is the head of a diocese and has the responsibility for reporting cases of abuse within his diocese.

However, attacks against the Church of God are to be expected- Jesus Christ himself warned us it would be. But Christ also made a promise that the gates of hell could not stand against his Church, and Christ never spoke a lie. But woe to those through whom scandal comes- they shall have their reward. The handful of priests who, having no vocation and using the Church as a cover for their sins, will be judged just as every soul is. And in the same way, those who, like Amnesty International, seek to scandalize the Church for their own twisted political motives, will be judged, too.

NCR “presumes” the news…

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The National Catholic Reporter published an article decrying the dismissal of an Australian bishop, for what the reporter clearly states is his ‘presumed’ reason that the Bishop, William M. Morris, advocated ordination of women and Protestants. The NCR ‘presumes’ this because the Bishop had, five years earlier (in 2006) released an open letter to the diocese of Toowoomba in which he wondered whether a remedy for the problem of too few priests, might be the ordination of women or the acceptance of Anglican and Lutheran orders. After a recent apostolic visitation from Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, Bishop Morris was relieved of his pastoral duties, for confidential reasons.

I have never read anything from the NCR, I was just looking for a wide variety of Catholic news services. But the tone of the National Catholic Reporter, which, in the article, describes papal quotes as ‘hooey’, is extremely liberal and modernist, almost Protestant in flavor. The articles all have something negative to say about the Church or the Pope, and the comments are even worse. Many openly insult Pope Benedict XVI, and in the same sentence call themselves ‘Catholic!’ I would suggest, my friends, that this is not how Catholics speak of the Bishop of Rome.

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