A Catholic superhero?

April 11, 2015 § Leave a comment


As an aspiring screenwriter, I am also a film buff. I am not, however, a huge comic book fan, nor do I ever go out of my way to see movies based on comic books. So, despite the fact that Hollywood has been focusing so much on the very profitable superhero market for several years, I never knew that there was a Catholic comic book hero. (Well, that’s not quite true; I did read a comic called Warrior Nun Areala when I was young, but that’s not exactly Catholic, despite the name). I was quite surprised, therefore, to read this article on The Hollywood Reporter website today.

According to Charlie Cox, who plays Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who becomes the hero Daredevil to clean up a post-apocalyptic New York City, the eponymous character of Netflix’s T.V. adaptation, Murdock’s “faith is quite strong and he has come to rely on it — although at times it puts him in a difficult position because of who he is and what he does and what he’s capable of. Part of his journey as a Catholic is to find harmony around his religion and faith, as well as who he is as Daredevil.”

I have a Netflix account, but I’ve not seen Daredevil yet, because, again, I’m not that into superhero films. Also, as a Catholic, I certainly don’t condone vigilante “justice,” but believe that, despite its many problems, our justice system is much more fair and just than vigilantism. But I think I will give Daredevil a watch, just to see if the writers, director, and actor Cox portray Matt Murdock as an actual Catholic Christian, something heathen Hollywood rarely does. I recommend that other film-loving Catholics do the same, and please do share your thoughts. God bless us all on this vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday, by the way!


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