When will we stop celebrating death?

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yet another human life has been snuffed out unnaturally, and, worse yet, it has ended with the express support of the United States. Moammar Qaddafi, long-time ally-enemy-ally of the United States, has been killed by CIA and NATO-supported rebels in Libya. Just a few weeks ago, a US citizen was murdered, with no trial and no right to defense. Before that, Usama bin Laden was murdered by US troops, and before that, a US-led coalition killed Saddam Hussein, at least bothering to give him a mock trial first. And with every death, Americans cheer and celebrate. What have we become?

We should rightly celebrate when justice is done, or when a war is ended, or when a dictator is deposed. But Americans, indeed all Christian and moral people, should never celebrate the end of a life. When bin Laden was announced dead, there were parties in the streets. When a US citizen, alleged to be a terrorist, was killed in Afghanistan, with no public trial or evidence given other than the word of “somebody” in our government, Americans shrugged their shoulders at best, or happily celebrated at worst. One can only wonder if these people do not see the dangerous precedent set by these actions of our ever more corporate-controlled government. “When they came for the ‘terrorists’, I said nothing…” But what happens when they all you a terrorist? What happens when the Occupy Wall Street protestors are called terrorists because they threaten the profits of those who control the government? And don’t they see, are they so blind that they cannot see, the odd coincidence that all the terrorists happen to be in oil-rich nations who just happened to deny American and allied governments the right to build pipelines through their territory, or to buy their oil? Do they not realize that in an industrial nation, oil is more valuable than gold?  Can’t they see the blatant fakery, stageing and propaganda on the news and television? Don’t they realize that behind every war in human history, were the interests, usually monetary, of a relatively few already wealthy and powerful people? But we are to believe that so many men, once called reliable leaders who were doing great things for their countrymen, were suddenly dictator terrorists who hate freedom- as soon as they refused to sell their oil to us or otherwise kowtow to the Company?

All that aside, can’t they see what amazing hypocrites they have become, when they claim to be pro-life, moral, responsible Christians- all while celebrating death on a daily basis?


Catholics cannot vote.

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

According to Archbishop Javier del Rio of Arequipa, Peru, Catholics cannot vote for candidates who are openly pro-abortion or support abortion. We already knew that, so it’s not as though the Archbishop is telling us anything new. But what most Catholics do not know, is that, despite their rhetoric and campaign promises, many so-called conservatives in this country are not, in fact, “anti-abortion” or “pro-life”. They will say they are, but when it comes down to it, if they have the chance to end legalized abortion for good, they won’t do it. Why? They need it. I give as an example the Bush administration. For several years Republicans, most if not all of whom claimed a pro-life stance, had complete control of the country. They had the ability to pass any law they wanted without fear of it being stricken down by the incredibly weak Democratic wing. And they did pass many laws that otherwise would have faced serious challenges. Bush’s White House could have ended abortion. You know it, and I know it. But they didn’t even try. Because, my friends, the abortion issue is the biggest vote-getter for the Republican party. If abortion were made illegal, then all of a sudden the only hot-button issue Repubs would have is gay marriage, and who really cares as much about that as abortion? No, Republicans will NEVER end abortion because without it, they will ALWAYS lose elections. Republicans deliberately keep abortion legal so they have it as an emotional issue to influence your votes.

I don’t know about you, but this disgusts me. Along with that, their incredibly draconian military and prison/industrial complex, with their ant-health, anti-education, anti-children, anti-Christian charity stance, means that good, faithful Catholics like us, cannot really vote for anyone. Well, we can certainly vote for a Catholic candidate who promises to be faithful to the Church. And we can vote for third party members who are actually serious about government and not just power and money, or serving some corporation (another very non-Catholic idea. A company is not a person. It is a creation of man, not of God). But I, as a truly faithful Catholic, cannot vote for a Republican any more than for a pro-abortion Democrat. I have known too many of them, and have seen right through them. In fact, I will vote for a pro-life Democrat, if one exists, rather than a so-called pro-life Republican. Republicans are pro-death. They want everyone to die or rot in prison, preferably making them some money in the process. No, good, faithful Catholics cannot vote for anyone that represents the two-party scam that has been perpetrated on the American people.

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