Traditional or Traditional-ist

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free-catholic-clip-art-eucharist-5613As a Traditional Catholic, one who is loyal to the Pope and Magisterium- to the Church, whatever the errors of her individual members, one who can serve Christ and His Church at the same time as resisting and charitably reforming the evil elements and their patsies within the Church, I often peruse so called “Traditional Catholic” websites and fora, in an effort to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Church crisis. However, I have found that there are Traditional Catholics, and those who prefer to be called Traditionalist Catholic, because for these people, Traditional is just not trad enough. These are the “Catholics” who fondly “remember” (most are not even into their forties, I’m sure) Fascist Italy and think, “Ah, now there was a good, Traditional Catholic country!” I have heard these “Catholics” laud the virtues of the miserably misunderstood Joseph McCarthy, Hitler, and other vicious dictators, because those are the kind of people these “Catholics” most identify with.

I was reading a blog called the Orthometer- claiming to be a meter for Orthodoxy within the Catholic Church. This post glorifying gangster violence sure is Orthodox! Yep, nothing says Catholic like a picture of a heavily armed corporate/government agent assaulting an unarmed woman! Yes sir, that is Orth-O-DOX! But this is what one expects from petty little children, pathetic little tantrum-throwing babies who want the Church to be a paradise for strongarm cowards like themselves. These are the people that call the Church “Newchurch” and the Pope “Newpope” (see how creative!) or, usually, just “Ratzinger.” Who refer to Blessed John Paul II as “John Paul II the Unblessed (witty, so!).” I expect that kind of lowbrow, least-common-denominator, second-grade playground kind of stuff from a Jewish comedian, but come on, guys, even I can think of better Katholic Komedy than that!

I know that the Church is in a very sad and dangerous place. I know the synagogue of satan is trying day and night to remove every last bit of Catholicism from Rome. But I do what other faithful have done- you know, people that today we call Saints and Blessed, and hold up as models of virtue, people with names like Catherine of Siena, Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi- I pray, I trust God and especially the Word of Jesus Christ, who said that the gates of hell would never stand against His Church, and I remain a loyal Catholic, even if the Pope himself is in grievous error (and do not doubt, I believe him to be). And I do not childishly, in opposition to every Christian moral, call those who disagree with me, especially my fellow Catholics, schoolyard names. I am not a venemous, hate-filled tool of the devil like those at Orthometer blog, Traditio network, and several other “Traditionalist”, Sedevacantist, “Catholic” sites. I am a convert. I want the Traditional Catholicism of my grandparents just as much as any convert (most converts I know are unhappy that the Church they entered seems more Protestant than the one they left), but I have the good grace and the love of Christ to see Him in all my neighbors, to grieve for my Church and the deluded souls (and the most sinister threat of those who delude them) therein. And, rather than complain and collect pictures of liturgical abuses and point and say “SEE!”, I pray (I hear many of you vipers laud the Divine Office- how many actually pray it daily?) and I trust God Almighty. The Church WILL get back in line with Tradition, including a complete condemnation of the entire Second Vatican Council, or she will dwindle to nothingness while Traditional Catholics fill the void and bring her back on course. But no modernist or heathen will cause her to fall, that is Christ’s promise. What the “Traditionalists” will do to her remains to be seen. All they do to me is want me to become just the most modernist, Protestantized, liberal Catholic I can be just to spite them. And that scares me.


When will we stop celebrating death?

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Yet another human life has been snuffed out unnaturally, and, worse yet, it has ended with the express support of the United States. Moammar Qaddafi, long-time ally-enemy-ally of the United States, has been killed by CIA and NATO-supported rebels in Libya. Just a few weeks ago, a US citizen was murdered, with no trial and no right to defense. Before that, Usama bin Laden was murdered by US troops, and before that, a US-led coalition killed Saddam Hussein, at least bothering to give him a mock trial first. And with every death, Americans cheer and celebrate. What have we become?

We should rightly celebrate when justice is done, or when a war is ended, or when a dictator is deposed. But Americans, indeed all Christian and moral people, should never celebrate the end of a life. When bin Laden was announced dead, there were parties in the streets. When a US citizen, alleged to be a terrorist, was killed in Afghanistan, with no public trial or evidence given other than the word of “somebody” in our government, Americans shrugged their shoulders at best, or happily celebrated at worst. One can only wonder if these people do not see the dangerous precedent set by these actions of our ever more corporate-controlled government. “When they came for the ‘terrorists’, I said nothing…” But what happens when they all you a terrorist? What happens when the Occupy Wall Street protestors are called terrorists because they threaten the profits of those who control the government? And don’t they see, are they so blind that they cannot see, the odd coincidence that all the terrorists happen to be in oil-rich nations who just happened to deny American and allied governments the right to build pipelines through their territory, or to buy their oil? Do they not realize that in an industrial nation, oil is more valuable than gold?  Can’t they see the blatant fakery, stageing and propaganda on the news and television? Don’t they realize that behind every war in human history, were the interests, usually monetary, of a relatively few already wealthy and powerful people? But we are to believe that so many men, once called reliable leaders who were doing great things for their countrymen, were suddenly dictator terrorists who hate freedom- as soon as they refused to sell their oil to us or otherwise kowtow to the Company?

All that aside, can’t they see what amazing hypocrites they have become, when they claim to be pro-life, moral, responsible Christians- all while celebrating death on a daily basis?

World Youth Day still relevant

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I’ve been following the 2011 WYD in Madrid on Telemadrid (as recommended by the Vatican’s new Twitter account). It’s great to see so many people, especially young people, gather together in the name of Christ. Let’s face it, the Pope still draws larger crowds than anyone, though nobody could draw a crowd like JPII. It proves that Christianity and the Church are still relevant no matter how strongly attacked by the agents of Satan- Freemasons, atheists, Zionists and child molesters. Reading some of the comments on news sites, however, brings into focus just how much those agents are still working against Holy Mother Church. I hear things like “The Catholics have a World Youth Day? What do they call it, ‘buffet’?” It is disgusting, to be sure, but let’s face facts again- the Church has only Herself to blame. If more were done to rid the Church of modernism, homosexuality, Masons and Zionists, then we would have no crimes to be ashamed of, and detractors would have less ammo- ammo that priests, bishops, and cardinals seem all too eager to provide. Let’s remember, in the face of these attacks and, especially, attacks like those planned and thankfully not carried out, that we have big issues in the Church which must be dealt with. Pray for our priests and shepherds. And pray that these millions of faithful youth will never have occasion to lose that faith through the actions of their pastors.


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I’ve been almost as busy as the devil this summer semester, and I think I still failed a class, anyway. But it’s the interim now, I have three weeks off and I can finally get back to blogging and reading! The devil, unfortunately, has been extremely busy lately. First and foremost, I am still reeling over the fact that Father Corapi has left the priesthood amid quite a scandal. Father Corapi’s radio catechism lessons were invaluable in drawing me to the Catholic Faith. After a while, I even started playing his talks at full volume while working at the evangelical church I converted from, hoping some of my fellow Christians would be as amazed as I was by the perfect sense the Catechism made. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I heard that Father had been accused of sexual and financial misdeeds. I do feel that he made the right decision in stepping down from the priesthood- I was never aware of the fact that he didn’t live in community, but rather in an expensive home with many expensive possessions. That is no way for a religious to live, and it pains me to say that Father Corapi, sound as his teachings to other Catholics might have been, might not have had the right spirit and vocation for religious life. I wish Father Corapi well in his lay ministry, and hope he has a change of heart that leads him to seek Christ rather than monetary gain.

Archbishop Pietro Sambi, nuncio to the US, has passed. Let us pray for the soul of this man who has served the Church Militant for so many decades. The death of any priest reminds us of the importance of youth, and the need for vocations. That is why World Youth Day, which kicks off in a couple of weeks, is so important. Let us also pray for vocations, and let’s pray that those who are called are truly called; let them never participate in any “abuses” (child molestation, etc.) and may they help guide the Church back to a more traditional stance, recalling a time when priests were trusted.

That’s about all I have for right now. I hope to read some more and give another Catholic book review for everyone. I accidentally ordered a book I already had from Aquinas and More, so I have to send it back and wait for the next one. Sorry! In the meantime, I am working on some other reading that I hope to share.

True Tradition

May 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

One of the main things that drew me, at an early age, toward the Catholic Church, was the incredible solemnity, beauty, and reverence of the Mass. Not just any Mass, but the one that they still celebrated in my grandfather’s parish- the Latin Mass. Eventually, the ‘reforms’ brought about due to confusion about the meaning of the Second Vatican Council, took away the high stone altar, the communion rail, the beautiful Latin prayers, and the reverence of the Mass. My grandfather hated the changes and, though he remained a faithful Catholic to his death and assisted at Mass every Sunday, he never again felt the pure joy that he used to feel at Mass. I didn’t even know about any council or changes- I was not Catholic. My mother was a lapsed Catholic, and my father a Southern Baptist. It was my father’s church that I was raised in and taught about. The only experience I had at a Catholic church was when I would visit grampaw in the summers. He would take me to Mass every Sunday, and these times were my favorite part of my visits. I stopped visiting every year for financial reasons (we lived several hundred miles from El Paso, where my grandparents lived), but I never forgot the beautiful liturgy of the Catholic Church.

During my teenage years I gave up on religion. I had no use for it. I was a teenager, after all- I knew everything, and I knew religion was a sham. However, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of my Bible, or to outright condemn religion. And I, thinking myself learning of all the fallacies of religion, began an in-depth study of the Scriptures. Later, in my mid-twenties, I joined a very fundamentalist, evangelical church. I couldn’t find peace there with their doctrines. Though they held the Bible up as almost a Eucharist, Christ in the form of a book, their doctrines were based on a few cherry-picked verses and were negated by the  very book which they seemed to hold in such regard. So, after much reading about Christian history, and especially the Catholic Church, and, helped along by God’s word, I had a renewal of faith, and decided that Christ lived, and that He resided in the Holy Catholic Church. So I decided to convert. That was the beginning of my struggle. Upon going to Mass for the first time since my youth, I didn’t recognize the Church. It was not the same Mass that I remembered with such fond affection. There was no Latin. There was little reverence. Guitars and drums distracted me from the state of worship I tried to maintain. I honestly didn’t like it.

Nowhere in this new church could I see the signs of those things I had read about in classic works by the Saints and other Catholics, nor even the Catechism. Reverence for Christ in the Eucharist was gone, almost as if nobody knew the doctrine of the Real Presence. In fact, there was little reverence at all. People came in dressed as if they were ready to go and enjoy their weekend- as soon as church was over. Jeans, football jerseys, short skirts- all the clothing we wore to our evangelical church, because, hey, God doesn’t care what you look like, man! Maybe not, but I do, and I want to look my best for Him. But whatever, I kept it up, and entered RCIA. It was in RCIA that I discovered the instructors didn’t even understand the Church! I continually found myself having to correct the teachers! Our class was told that baptism was just a symbolic thing, for instance. They did still understand the Real Presence, but in a kind of watered down form. They knew nothing of traditional prayers and beliefs. I wanted to quit. This wasn’t the Church I had learned about and been drawn to!

But I didn’t quit, because, like it or not, the Church is, and will always be. Just like in the days of Luther, the church was in turmoil, with Satan trying his hardest to divide it. That same Satan that my RCIA instructors laughingly said was more of a “symbol of evil” than an actual entity bent on the destruction of Christ’s church. But, just as in the days of the misguided monk, were I to leave the Church, to give up on her, I’d only be doing the Devil’s work for him. You see, the Church in Luther’s time had problems, just as she has had since day one. But she was already in the process of reforming herself. Luther, had he taken an example from St. Catherine of Siena, could have worked for change while still being loyal to Christ and His Church. Instead, he gave the Devil a hand and left, taking millions of misguided souls with him, their itching ears wanting to find an easier way to Christ. So I realize that being a “traditional” Catholic means remaining loyal to the magisterium, the pope, and the Church. After all, Christ promised that Satan would never destroy His Church. Don’t I trust Christ? Of course I do. That’s why I patiently wait for the Church to reform herself again, ridding herself of the taint of the Satan-inspired few who, misunderstanding the documents of Vatican II, proceeded to Protestantize the Church. And it’s going along nicely, I think. Our Holy Father, Benedict, is bringing back the traditional Mass for those who want it, just as his predecessor had begun. The dogmas of the Church are still set in stone, just many Catholics are no longer educated about what it is the Church actually believes, and this is in part due to the influence Satan has exerted over many Bishops and priests. Child molestation is a fruit of the spirit of Vatican II, for example. As is an ecumenism that doesn’t attempt conversion, and a modernism which leaves sound doctrine on the bookshelves. But if I want to be truly Catholic, I must be like St. Catherine, not Martin Luther. There is a reason that Luther is called a heretic and Catherine a Saint and Doctor. St. Catherine worked for change from within, guided by the Holy Spirit and trusting in Christ, while Luther did the Devil’s work and caused a schism that the world still reels from. I do want the Church to return to the right path. But I want to guide her and help work for change from within, rather than be another source of division. That, in my opinion, is true traditional Catholicism.

Satan infiltrates the Salesians

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I am so shocked and upset by the news that two Salesian priests in the Netherlands have been relieved of duty after openly expressing support for child molestation. The superior of the Salesians in the Netherlands, Father Herman Spronck, and a priest known only as “Father B.”, have both been suspended from their duties after it was discovered that Father B. was involved in a pro pedophilia organization, and Father Spronck, head of the Salesians in the Netherlands, said in a radio interview that, “We shouldn’t consider age so rigidly. You should never break into the personal space of a child if the child does not want that, but that has to do with the child himself. There are also children who themselves indicate that it is okay. Sexual contact is then also possible.”

These are not just priests who have gone astray, I think these are priests who are openly serving Satan. They have not simply wronged the Church but are actively involved in perpetuating the scandals against Holy Church. And Christ told us that it would be better for them to get fitted for a millstone. This, my friends, is fruit of the much misunderstood Vatican II documents, good, Catholic morality taken out of context and perverted to appeal to liberal modernists. May God have mercy on these “priests'” souls. They will not get it anywhere else.

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