Feminized Vatican grasps at “patriarchy” straws

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In their article on the Holy Father’s talk on marriage and the family, Vatican Radio today chose as their headline a single passing comment by Pope Francis on the (discredited) “compensation disparity” between men and women who do equal work.

The fact that the Holy Father’s speech related to correct Catholic understanding on marriage and the roles of the sexes within marriage and the family, and Vatican Radio’s article focuses on the actual substance of the speech, shows that they did, indeed, understand the substance. However, their choice of using a headline which focuses on a single statement within the speech, seems to indicate that the Vatican Radio seeks to advance the fraudulent claims of feminism that women are unfairly “oppressed” by the “patriarchy.”

Is Catholic media trying to advance the cause of feminism to further the feminisation and division of society and destroy healthy masculinity? Is their an element within the hierarchy of the Church that seeks to continue the loss of vocations by healthy, confident males and place effeminate men and even homosexuals within the priesthood instead? And to what end?

Traditional Catholics know the answers to these questions, and urge all the Faithful to do their research and, above all, pray for the Holy Father and Holy Church, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and the gift of discerning spirits, and god themselves with the whole armor of God, to enter the battle with a fresh resolve to fight error and heresy from within and without.


How much do you need?

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Be not solicitous therefore, saying: What shall we eat: or what shall we drink, or wherewith shall we be clothed? For your Father knoweth that you have need of all these things.

Matt 6: 31,32b

Many who call themselves Christians are quite wealthy. The “health and wealth” Protestants I was once attached to placed much emphasis on God’s “blessings,” and when they used that word, they almost always meant “money.” Just stop by one of their megachurches and, if you can get past the horrid pastel decorations and make it through the rock concert before the sermon, listen to the poor soul “pastoring” the congregation as he worships mammon. Or, better yet, stay away from such a den of iniquity and just watch one on television or YouTube some day- they’re everywhere.

These misguided souls, and even many Catholics, have fallen prey to the church of capitalism. They go out of their way to twist the word of God to justify their love of money and the things they can purchase with it.

These souls, due to the hardness of their hearts, refuse to recognize the difference between their “wants” and their “needs.” The passage from the Gospel of Matthew, and many others like it, along with the good sense God gave us, clearly state what our “needs” are; food, clothing, shelter, health, liberty. We “need” land to work, or other labor which will provide the means to feed ourselves and our families, the liberty to pursue our needs peacefully according to God’s will, healthy bodies and minds to facilitate such labor, clothing to protect our bodily health, and shelter to protect our bodies and possessions.

In these modern times, we might also have other legitimate needs. A vessel that will allow us movement on the common ways, a phone or computer with which to communicate, earn our daily bread, or even write blog posts. But in reality, we don’t have many needs, and God will meet those needs.

Our “wants,” on the other hand, are what can sully our faith life and even lead us to damnation. Our wants are, quite simply, anything that we don’t need. Now, many people are very good at justifying their wants by turning them into needs. “I need a bigger television.” No, you don’t actually need a television at all, let alone a bigger one. You want one. “I need a better job, so I can provide more for my family.” This might be true. But then again, it might just be that your current job meets all your needs, but not all your wants. Maybe if you got rid of some wants, your needs would be better met.

The world and its master, with his servants and their systems of economics and governments, have literally hypnotized and brainwashed poor souls into thinking that consumerism, capitalism, communism, and other forms of slavery are good and in their best interest. Catholics have fallen prey to this thinking, too, especially since the servants of evil triumphed in their infiltration of the Church and implemented the “reforms” that followed the pastoral Second Vatican Council. They twist the simple teachings of Our Lord to try to justify their greed.

Our Lord, though he did speak in parables from time to time, always spoke clearly about what it takes to enter his Kingdom. To do otherwise would be deliberately making it difficult for his hearers to find salvation, and we know Our Lord would never do that. So what did Christ say about wealth and commercialism?

One is hard pressed to find any scriptural instance of Our Lord speaking well of merchants or the wealthy. He knew that human greed was one of the main things keeping people from the Kingdom of Heaven. No, when speaking of merchants and the rich, he often used words like “hypocrites,” “snakes,” and “blind.”

Therefore I say, pray for less. Ask Our Lord for an increase of the Holy Ghost, and the ability to do without wants, and to be grateful if your needs are met. Remember those Christians around the world who are much poorer than you, but probably have much more faith because of it. The Holy Father’s prayer intention for June is that immigrants be safe and welcome. Why not sacrilegious some of your wants, give generously to the Church, and bless someone who doesn’t even have their needs met?

On black and white, and true Tradition

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Wow, it’s been about two years since I’ve posted here. A lot has happened since then; mostly bad, much good, and all serving to strengthen my faith. I’ve gotten married and have a child due in about a week. I let my wife Victoria pick the name, and she chose Saoirse Claire Elizabeth. Saoirse bean is almost fully cooked and due the 15th! I thank God she seems very healthy and normal so far.

Addressing my struggle to reconcile Tradition and right reform, I must say that I’ve grown tired of the tendency, at least in uneducated America, to think in black and white terms when identifying with some group, culture, politics, or whatever. For instance, I’m politically moderate. I support many “liberal” views, such as the need for taxation, regulation of business, the end of corporate ‘personhood’, and certain civil rights. But I’m also “conservative” when it comes to the need for religious liberty for Christians (and Christians alone), the illegality of abortion, the right of private business to deny services to whomever they wish for whatever reason, etc. The problem I see is that many people are just like me, but are afraid to be themselves. If they identify as Conservative, then that means (to them) they must be members of our vote for the Republican Party, support corporations and their theft and corruption, deny the need for welfare in certain situations, support a huge military that serves corporate interests, etc. Those identifying as ‘liberal’ think they must support abortion, vote Democrat, be atheists, support “multiculturalism”, etc, etc.

The reality is that most people (of at least average intelligence) do not have a black and white outlook on life, realizing correctly that there are many shades of grey. And no, I’m not talking about some book that plays on women’s rape fantasies, I’m talking about the fact that life isn’t simple, though human motives and behavior often is. In reality, many Christians realize that the Republican Party does not represent their interests, that Christ would approve of some sort of welfare system and disapprove of the death penalty, just as many liberals realize that the Democratic Party does not represent their interests, that abortion really is murder and a woman’s ‘choice’ to abort damns her soul to hell just as quickly as any other murder, multiculturalism kills cultures and punishes whites for being white, and homosexuals do not have the right to force Christan businesses to serve them just as nobody has the right to force a kosher deli to serve them a bacon sandwich on non-kosher bread.

Traditional Catholics are, for the most part, intelligent people who see the reason our Church is in such a state of eclipse. We realize that the enemy entered in long ago, in the form of Freemasons, homosexuals, and communists, and set up their own church at the Second Vatican Council. But we also realize that the Church is living, and that some occasional “reform” is necessary. We don’t approve of the new Mass and watered down, humanist theology, but we do agree that the death penalty is wrong and outdated, capitalism is evil, and the Pope is to be respected and obeyed no matter his true intentions, as long as he doesn’t blatantly teach error ex cathedra. So it really riles me that the Traditional Catholics who are most vocal are the black and white kind. The hypocrites who criticise the worldliness of the Church while viciously insulting and denigrating all those the disagree with, including those ordained into Holy Church. So now that I have a little free time, and remember the existence of this blog, I’ll try to continue chronicling my journey in the Faith, and explain why I consider myself a Traditional Catholic.

Traditional or Traditional-ist

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free-catholic-clip-art-eucharist-5613As a Traditional Catholic, one who is loyal to the Pope and Magisterium- to the Church, whatever the errors of her individual members, one who can serve Christ and His Church at the same time as resisting and charitably reforming the evil elements and their patsies within the Church, I often peruse so called “Traditional Catholic” websites and fora, in an effort to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Church crisis. However, I have found that there are Traditional Catholics, and those who prefer to be called Traditionalist Catholic, because for these people, Traditional is just not trad enough. These are the “Catholics” who fondly “remember” (most are not even into their forties, I’m sure) Fascist Italy and think, “Ah, now there was a good, Traditional Catholic country!” I have heard these “Catholics” laud the virtues of the miserably misunderstood Joseph McCarthy, Hitler, and other vicious dictators, because those are the kind of people these “Catholics” most identify with.

I was reading a blog called the Orthometer- claiming to be a meter for Orthodoxy within the Catholic Church. This post glorifying gangster violence sure is Orthodox! Yep, nothing says Catholic like a picture of a heavily armed corporate/government agent assaulting an unarmed woman! Yes sir, that is Orth-O-DOX! But this is what one expects from petty little children, pathetic little tantrum-throwing babies who want the Church to be a paradise for strongarm cowards like themselves. These are the people that call the Church “Newchurch” and the Pope “Newpope” (see how creative!) or, usually, just “Ratzinger.” Who refer to Blessed John Paul II as “John Paul II the Unblessed (witty, so!).” I expect that kind of lowbrow, least-common-denominator, second-grade playground kind of stuff from a Jewish comedian, but come on, guys, even I can think of better Katholic Komedy than that!

I know that the Church is in a very sad and dangerous place. I know the synagogue of satan is trying day and night to remove every last bit of Catholicism from Rome. But I do what other faithful have done- you know, people that today we call Saints and Blessed, and hold up as models of virtue, people with names like Catherine of Siena, Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi- I pray, I trust God and especially the Word of Jesus Christ, who said that the gates of hell would never stand against His Church, and I remain a loyal Catholic, even if the Pope himself is in grievous error (and do not doubt, I believe him to be). And I do not childishly, in opposition to every Christian moral, call those who disagree with me, especially my fellow Catholics, schoolyard names. I am not a venemous, hate-filled tool of the devil like those at Orthometer blog, Traditio network, and several other “Traditionalist”, Sedevacantist, “Catholic” sites. I am a convert. I want the Traditional Catholicism of my grandparents just as much as any convert (most converts I know are unhappy that the Church they entered seems more Protestant than the one they left), but I have the good grace and the love of Christ to see Him in all my neighbors, to grieve for my Church and the deluded souls (and the most sinister threat of those who delude them) therein. And, rather than complain and collect pictures of liturgical abuses and point and say “SEE!”, I pray (I hear many of you vipers laud the Divine Office- how many actually pray it daily?) and I trust God Almighty. The Church WILL get back in line with Tradition, including a complete condemnation of the entire Second Vatican Council, or she will dwindle to nothingness while Traditional Catholics fill the void and bring her back on course. But no modernist or heathen will cause her to fall, that is Christ’s promise. What the “Traditionalists” will do to her remains to be seen. All they do to me is want me to become just the most modernist, Protestantized, liberal Catholic I can be just to spite them. And that scares me.

God bless the children

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Jesus Christ had a special love for children, because their innocence and lack of programmed prejudices often allows children to see truth where adults are unable. Let the children come to me, Our Lord said. The meaning of Christ’s statement goes beyond the literal, as do many of His sayings; we are all God’s children, and Jesus desires every person to come to Him. But Christ also said that to come to Him, we must all become as little children. Our minds must be pure and innocent as a child’s, our faith as strong and unquestioning as a child’s faith and trust in her parents. The innocence of children is blessed by God and highly desireable in every Christian.

That is why the enemy loves targeting children. The media owners work overtime to indoctrinate our children into a Godless, evil lifestyle. So called children’s television today would have an R rating just fifty years ago. Public schools continue the indoctrination and subversion of Christian morality. And the evil ones are not always content with just perverting the children’s minds.

We saw this recently with the horrific sacrifice of children in Connecticut. I call it a sacrifice because the shooter, himself little more than a child, whether he knew it or not, was making a sacrifice to the enemy. We can rest assured that this disgusting person was under the influence of satan when he took all those innocent, defenseless lives. Furthermore, we can assume with certainty that the enemy reached him thanks to the decades long effort to strip America of every vestige of Christianity. Americans, especially children, are constantly assaulted by the manipulation of the enemy and its servants.  This tragedy, and others like it, are a direct result of the assault on Christianity in this nation.

I pray for the souls of these children, and the survivors who have to live with the terror of witnessing this massacre, as well as all the parents. Know that the shooter, as well as anyone who enabled him or influenced him, will answer to a higher authority than the police. God will judge all, and the punishment the evildoers receive will be eternal.

Sorry I have not posted in so long, I have been busy with school. I decided to just stick with my major and get it over with. I will try to post at least once a week, and when I get organized I will start following some other Catholic blogs, so I can at least link to their posts when I am too inundated to write. I’m writing this with the WordPress app, btw, so not sure how it looks. Thanks for visiting!

Why I will never vote Republican

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All I see anymore is “Voting Guides” for Catholics. They say a lot about informed consciences and the difference between protecting life and protecting life, but all I hear is “VOTE REPUBLICAN OR YOU ARE A BAD CATHOLIC!”

For instance, there are many US Catholic organizations who will repeat, like Zenit, that “There can never be justification for directly and deliberately taking innocent human life: abortion, destruction of human embryos, euthanasia, human cloning.”

Followed immediately with the qualification that “The death penalty and war are different from procured abortion and same-sex “marriage,” since these latter acts are intrinsically evil and therefore can never be justified. Although war and capital punishment can rarely be justified, they are not intrinsically evil.”

Do you see how they did that? They know that many people like myself will never vote Republican, even to oppose a Democrat, because the Republican candidates, for the most part, support economic, social, and military policies that kill millions of people every year, and many of us believe that the protection of life that is ALREADY BORN is often more of a priority than trying to fix what will always be broken. But they say that war and other forms of murder are not “intrinsically evil”, even if they cannot be justified, so they are somehow less important than abortion. But wait, what part of “There can never be justification for directly and deliberately taking innocent human life” are they failing to understand? It is a well known fact that innocent people die in every war started by Republicans. It is a well known fact that many innocent people right here in America starve to death every day thanks to economic policies favored by Republicans. They say there can be no justification for these innocent losses of life, but then proceed to try to justify it. Hypocrites.

Well, here is the reason I will never vote Republican, even as a “lesser of two evils”. I know many Republican politicians. My campus has both a large Christian presence and a large Republican presence.I know many College Republicans. One of them recently told me something I have suspected for years. The Republican Party will never deliberately end abortion! They need it too much! This Republican actually told me that it would be insane for the Republican Party to end abortion, seeing as it was their single biggest vote-getting “hot-button” issue. “Why,” he asked me as I stood incredulous upon hearing his pronouncement, “would the party attempt to make abortion illegal when it is only the issue of abortion that causes Christians to vote against their economic and social interests by voting Republican?” 

In other words, this guy knows as well as every other Republican politician, that if abortion became illegal today, then tomorrow 95% of Christians would suddenly become Democrats! Because without that single issue, all the other policies and ideals supported by the Republican party are anathema to good Catholics!  Good Catholics oppose Capitalism, Communism, merchant greed, Corporations, unjust wars for profit, greed, disrespect for human life- all things that Republicans hold dear. And Republicans know it. The only way they can trick you into supporting the work of Satan, is to keep abortion legal. So I just don’t vote- it’s the best way for me to assure that I am not cooperating in ANY evil by voting for the wrong person.

Well I no longe…

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Well I no longer know how to post html on this blog, and now the editor is like one inch high and will only display split page, so for some reason I have to look at the WordPress main page while I’m trying to edit. So I’m going to look for a different blog provider. If I figure out why and how they changed this thing, I might keep this blog “active”- as active as it ever was, anyway…

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