World Youth Day still relevant

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been following the 2011 WYD in Madrid on Telemadrid (as recommended by the Vatican’s new Twitter account). It’s great to see so many people, especially young people, gather together in the name of Christ. Let’s face it, the Pope still draws larger crowds than anyone, though nobody could draw a crowd like JPII. It proves that Christianity and the Church are still relevant no matter how strongly attacked by the agents of Satan- Freemasons, atheists, Zionists and child molesters. Reading some of the comments on news sites, however, brings into focus just how much those agents are still working against Holy Mother Church. I hear things like “The Catholics have a World Youth Day? What do they call it, ‘buffet’?” It is disgusting, to be sure, but let’s face facts again- the Church has only Herself to blame. If more were done to rid the Church of modernism, homosexuality, Masons and Zionists, then we would have no crimes to be ashamed of, and detractors would have less ammo- ammo that priests, bishops, and cardinals seem all too eager to provide. Let’s remember, in the face of these attacks and, especially, attacks like those planned and thankfully not carried out, that we have big issues in the Church which must be dealt with. Pray for our priests and shepherds. And pray that these millions of faithful youth will never have occasion to lose that faith through the actions of their pastors.


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